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[Isle of Wight Poemsong ]

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[Isle of Wight Poemsong ]
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text (1966… 1973 ?)

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Isle of Wight Poemsong

for Sasha Jane Natasha

We have all come together here
To summon murder out
For the walls of the city shake
Our music and singers loud
We have all come with sleeping bags
To share with new lovers
Whilst hearts of ease attack
As we sleep out together
We have all come to sing and dance
To join voices of the present
By chance asking awkward questions
Whilst money drops on money
We have all come together here
Poor travellers on a journey
Anarchists, RiffRaff, SlumGods and Gypsies
Yes, Anarchists, RiffRaff, SlumGods and Gypsies

Dennis Gould RiffRaltPoetSixChimneysBolenoweCamborneCornwall

St George Printing Works. Ltd. 42a Cross Street, Camborne Cornwall

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