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[I wonder if the ground has anything to say ?]

Image (fixe ; à 2 dimensions)
titre :
[I wonder if the ground has anything to say ?] / Edward Sheriff Curtis
adresse :
. — [S.l.] : Akwesasne Notes,
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. — 1 affiche (impr. photoméc.), coul. (deux : bleu, brun, papier blanc) ; 57 × 45 cm
notes :
descriptif :

[ texte ; photo (amérindien ramassant un crane de bison ?) ]

texte :

“I wonder if the ground has anything to say ?
I wonder if the ground is listening to what is said ?
I wonder of the ground would come alive to what is on it ?

Through i hear what the ground says :
… the Great Spirit placed me here”

This poster is from a photograph entitled “Fire Carrier Bringing the Skull” by E.S. Curtis and originally published in his book, “The North American Indian”.
The text is adapted from a speech by Young Chief, a Cayuse leader, who spoke in opposition to the Point Elliot Treaty in 1855. It was published in “Touch the Earth” by Teri McLuhan, published by Outerbridge & Dienstfrey.
This is one of a series of posters available reprinted on heavy paper in color. Write Akwesasne Notes, Mohawk Nation, via Reeseveltown, N.Y. 13683 to order reprints.


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