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[Anarchistische Infotheek]

Image (fixe ; à 2 dimensions)
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[Anarchistische Infotheek] / Karlos ; Niels
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. — Gent Gand : Infotheek (Gent), [  & post]
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. — 1 affiche (photocop.) : n. et b. ; 42 × 30 cm
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[ texte ; dessins (manifestation de livres avec banderole ¡ Anarchistische Infotheek » ; jeunes gens masqués qui prennent des livres anarchistes) ]

texte :

Anarchistische Infotheek

The “Anarchistische Infotheek” is a library where you can find critical information, which is more difficult to find in other libraries. Our collection is made up out of a.o. books, magazines and pamphlets about anarchism, ecology, squatting, antifascism, globalisation, feminism and much, much more… On top of that we’ve got several files on different subjects, which can be consulted in the library.

If you’ve got (old) flyers, posters, pamphlets, books or newspaper articles of your own, then don’t throw them away, we are constantly looking to expand our collection.

Alongside the “Infotheek” there is a. the “Anarchief” (or “Anarchive”), this is an anarchist archive with mainly books, leaflets, magazines,… but also a few records (like accounts of meetings, correspondence, loose-leaf pamphlets, postcards,…).

The “Infotheek” is situated on the first floor of the anarchist centre ‘Assez’.
For information and activities check www.anarchie.be/ac

Adress :
Sparrestraat 1a
9000 Gent

Opening and closing times :
Wednesday from 18.00h till 21.00h
Friday from 19.00h till 21.00h
Saturday from 14.00h till 17.00h

(there is also a people’s kitchen on Wednesday at 20.00h and on Friday at 19.00h)

For more (contact)information :


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G-IN 0020 (infotheek)

[ca  2000]


[ 2015 & post]

[ 2014 & post]

[ 2015 & post]

[ca  2012]
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