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    [Get clear ! (ass)holism]

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    Get clear ! (ass)holism]. — San Francisco ; Seattle : the Last International : Partisan, . — 1 affiche (impr. photoméc.), coul. (une  : noir , papier de couleur ) ; 35 × 25 cm.

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    [ texte (long texte ironique sur l’"Aquarian age", le "New age" et autres mysticismes) ; photos (portraits de : ayatollah Komeyni, révérend Sun Myung Moon, révérend Jim Jones, Jerry Brown, de Mickey et de ?) ]

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    Get clear !


    Aquarian/New Age transformations

    Creative death

    Recent studies suggest that consciousness is carcinogenic. After a survey of the ethics of entropy, the following topics receive terminal treatment : (1) Dying as a process of personal growth ; (2) Charnel knowledge ; (3) Thanatotherapy (with emphasis on Adolfing and "terminal scream" therapy) ; (4) Auto-necrophilia for the Me Generation. Mentor : Rev. Jim Jones, Posthumous Prof. of Thanatology.

    Wholistic wealth
    This course has helped hundreds of doctors, lawyers, and other parasites to feel okay about being obscenely rich. Material things are but Maya (= illusion) — still, they are your reward for virtue in a previous life. Learn to exploit your inner riches while holding on to your outer ones. Don’t share the wealth, share the experience ! (Tuition is tax-deductible.)

    Beyond vegetarianism : new paths in privation

    Gave up meat but still feel guilty ? So you should ! Since you are what you eat, eventually every vegetarian turns cannibal. This course introduces you to inanimate eating. You too can suck rocks and learn to like it ! The Course is a prerequisite to anaerobic stasis ("Good health through hypo-ventilation"), which explains how to eke out a miserable existence without immoral exploitation of the atmosphere.

    New age politics

    Recent developments in decentralized degradation and appropriate technocracy. Facilitator and Zen demagogue Jerry Brown will demonstrate the feasibility of harnessing politicians as a source of wind power. A Marin Corpse recruiter will appear on behalf of the Baloney Alliance to enlist no-nukes narcs and pacifist police. Others to be announced after security precautions are finalized.

    In the Flow

    The addled age of Aquarius is over. Wishing away the holistic horror of everyday life didn’t work. We were suckers to buy back parodies of our dreams of total transfiguration from holistic hucksters, consciousness con-men and awareness entrepreneurs. Their "alternative life-styles" only offer less of more of the same.

    There’s nothing new about a New Age of mysticism, masochism and money. "We ought not to act and speak as though we were asleep" (Heraclitus). The astrologers have only predicted the future ; the point is to create it. Paradise is possible. Don’t burn out, don’t sell out, break out. Why wallow in escapism when we can really escape ?

    The Last International
    55 Sutter St. #487 San Francisco, CA. 94104 USA

    Reprinted by Partisan Press Seattle, Washington

    This leaflet is biodegradable — eat it !

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