Rüdiger, Helmut (1903-1966)



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    [Manifesto of the Durruti Column]

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    Manifesto of the Durruti Column]. — [S.l.] : [s.n.], [ca ]. — 1 affiche (impr. photoméc.) : n. et b. ; 50 × 40 cm.

    • Affiches par pays  : Grande-Bretagne / Royaume-Uni
    • Lieux d’archivages  : CIRA (Lausanne)
    • Liste des thèmes  : manifeste
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    • Noms cités (± liste positive)  : Durruti Dumange, Buenaventura (1896-1936)  ; Einstein, Carl (1885-1940)  ; Rüdiger, Helmut (1903-1966)
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    [ photo ; texte. Au dos, hommages à Durruti par Einstein et Rüdiger, photo du Groupe international ]

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    Manifesto of the Durruti Column

    Revenge ! Our friend, our brother Durruti fell in Madrid, his heart filled with goodness and his rifle in his strong worker’s hand.

    In our ranks no one is more than the other. But the one who has won our love is considered superior to all the others. And no one was better loved, no one more loving than our Durruti. We do not weep over his death. But our eyes are hazy, our fists will remain closed as long as a single enemy remains alive.

    We went out to defend our libertarian Ideal, we have fought for a better life our hearts filled with human desire. Today we have one more slogan : Revenge !

    We have become brothers in our column through Durruti. We shall fraternize to avenge him. We have fought like men. Now we shall fight ferociously.

    Comrades of the Durruti Column ! Brothers ! Let us avenge his bro-ken life. We must carry his name through fascist Spain and it shall mean death to our enemies !

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    [ca  1977]
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