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    [Paul Jacob is free, don’t register !]

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    Paul Jacob is free, don’t register !]. — [S.l.] : Paul Jacob Action Group, . — 1 affiche (impr. photoméc.), coul. (une  : noir , texte en défonce ) ; 42 × 34 cm.

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    [ photo (Paul Jacob) ; texte ]

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    Paul Jacob is free

    When your god forgets the miracles
    And you have to cope with reason
    And you find your just a salve
    In some madman’s form of treason.
    When the wind whispers nothing
    And the flowers die unpreached
    And the 1984 government schools
    Make sure no child goes unreached.
    Too bad your money didn’t come in today,
    No matter — that’s the community way
    I know your baby doesn’t understand such,
    But i think I told you as much ;
    And I’m sure glad not there with you
    In the 1984 government screw.

    Paul Jacob

    Copyright © 1983. Paul Jacob Action Group

    don’t register !

    Paul Jacob was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Little Rock on September 23. 1982. for refusing to register with the selective service system the FBI has declared him a fugitive and is conducting a nationwide search

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