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    [Modern revolutionary theory]

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    Modern revolutionary theory

    Our greatest threat comes from no foreign foe but from those at home who seek to impose the power of negative thinking.
    — Gerald Ford, June 9, 1974

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    On behindism

    "As Oliver Hardy would put it, the behindist is constantly ’overbounding his steps.’ Theory is concealed by its very excess. The totality the behindist wants to confront —precisely because he wants to confront it all at once remains inaccessible. ... Women’s behindism is also a concentrated expression of the feminine role which they are allotted by society and which they allot themselves through their own characterological complicity."

    Theory of misery/misery of theory
    (translation : Cooperstein, Hammer & Knabb)

    Also includes the Declaration concerning the group "Center for Research on the Social Question"

    "If the Situationists’ theory still directly interests the revolutionary movement, it is in order to draw the lesson of what it could become. ... Even if a constituted situationist theory had never existed as a possible source of inspiration, the system of commodity consumption implicitly contains its own situationism."


    • The Theorist as Subject and as Role
    • Behindism, or Theory Colonization
    • Flow to Win Friends and Influence History
    • Affective Detournernent : Alternative to Sublimation
    • Sleepers Awake

    "Whereas the sociologists study man as he is ’normally’- that is. reduced to survival, a sum of roles, a sum of banalities we are going to study him when he acts to suppress all that."

    Reproduction of human capital
    "The family is the first factory of alienation. Even before a kid learns to talk he learns value_ The infant can not reject love if only he can be made absolutely dependent on it this is the pet syndrome (born of loneliness, children are raised as dogs)...

    Report #1

    Critique of pro-situationist "counterfeitisrn"

    "Each new initiate rinds that in order to participate properly he must begin where the last Counterfeit left off. This quantitative progression will, no doubt, lead him to disguise the hundredth repetition of the condensed history of workers councils as a broadcast from a martian bureaucrat."

    Disinterest compounded daily
    (Rosenberg & Shutes)

    Critique of the group "Point Blank"—second printing, with an added critique of the original edition.

    "We remained the ideological pretenders to a non-existent current of agitation, while we gnashed our teeth and proclaimed how seriously we took our de-sires, we spent the last weeks of the quarter doing just what everyone else at the University did : ’jerking off for our professors.’ "

    Skirmishes with an untimely man
    (Cronin & Shutes)
    Critique of the journal "Diversion"

    Now what a mid, of horseshit. ... Horelick is a proletarian cheerleader who pumps up every workers’ action in the desperate hope that an inflated consciousness of what they’ve already done will lead the workers to do more. ... We could hardly expect him to answer ur even pose the more important question : What has the proletariat nor done. why hasn’t it done more ?"

    On the poverty of student life
    (Situationist International)

    Over 400,000 copies printed in 12 languages since its first edition, in 1966, at the expense of the University of Strasbourg

    "The student is a stoical slave : the more chains authority heaps upon him, the freer he is in fantasy. ... He celebrates all the values and mystification of the system, devouring them with all the anxiety of the infant at the breast. ... The student is already a very bad joke."

    Remarks on contradiction and its failure
    On the activities and mistakes of the ex-group "Contradiction"

    "The organization of our critique can be seen in retrospect as a continual attempt to unravel what we had ravelled in the first place. In the process we got very entangled ! ... One does not embark on such enterprises with impunity. The incompleted, the unclarified, the unresolved, the falsified accumulate with painful results. The repressed returns."

    Reich : how to use
    (Voyer) (translation : Knabb)

    "While Reich concluded in a very ambiguous manner that character was an obstacle to work, we hold that character is an obstacle to the critique of work. ... Theory knows misery as secretly public. It knows the secret publicity of misery. All hopes are permitted it. Class struggle exists."

    Reich: modo de empleo
    (traducción: Carrion)

    "Mientras que Reich llegaba a considerar de una forma muy ambigua que el carácter era un obstáculo para el trabajo, nosotros sostenemos que el carácter es un impedimento a la critica del trabajo.... La teoría conoce la miseria como secretamente publica. Conoce la publicidad secreta de la miseria. Todas las esperanzas le están permitidas, La lucha de clases existe."

    Déclaration à propos du Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale
    (Bloch. Charles, Cornuault & Denevert)

    "Le CRQS, complément semi-organisationnel, intentionnellement limité, à nos activités respectives et distinctes de theoriciens révolutionnaires … sera automatiquement dissout quand la realité du mouvement révolutionnaire aura rendu possibles et défini des formes d’association supérieures."

    Théorie de la misère/ misére de la théorie

    "Si la theorie des Situationnistes intéresse encore le mouvement révolutionnaire directement, c’est pour tirer la leçon de ce qu’elle a pu devenir. … Le système de la consommation marchande, quand bien même une theorie situationniste constituée n’aurait jamais existée, comme source possible d’inspiration, contient implicitement son propre situationnisme."

    (Knabb) (traduction : Cornuault)

    • Le theoricien comme sujet et comme role
    • Lc derrierisme, ou b colonisation par la theorie
    • Comment se faire des amis et influencer I’histoire
    • Le detournement affectif : alternative à Ia sublimation
    • Dormeurs éveillés

    "Alors que les sociologues étudient I’homme dans son comportement ’normal’ — c’est a dire réduit à la survie, une somme de rôles, de banalités — nous allons étudier l’homme Iorsqu’il agit pour supprimer tout cela."

    Remarques sur le groupe Contradiction et son échec
    (traduction : Denevert)

    "L’organisation de notre critique apparait retrospectivement comme une continuelle tentative pour démêler ce que nous avons commencé par emberlificoter. Nous nous sommes vraiment englues dans ce processus ’ … On ne s’embarque pas dans de telles entreprises impunément. Les choses inachevées, les questions non-clarifiées, non-résolues ou falsifiées, s’accumulent avec lour conséquences pénibles. Ce qui est refould finit par ressurgir."

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