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[Ideology attack no. 2 Can you keep your faith ?]

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[Ideology attack no. 2 Can you keep your faith ?]
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. — [S.l.] : Intellectuals from Hell,
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. — 1 affiche (photocop.) : n. et b. ; 42 × 30 cm
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[ photo (Lénine avec phylactère, titre de l’article qu’il lit : "Bonfire of anarchy warms Moscow’s streets") ; texte ]

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Ideology attack no. 2

Can you keep your faith ?

[encadré :] When Intellectuals from Hell ask historical relic ; and comrade dead leader Lenin, whether he considered himself a loser, and whether there is anything ISO and DSP middle class uni students do to assist the workers revolution, IFH get this reply.

[bulle / phylactère :] «  No ! I am glorious comrade Lenin.... All I say is all there is, and if there is more, then there are good party members to see to it that there is not .... Do not let the leftist fantasys of the future be clo ded with facts from history due to the sectarian leftist fantasy of the past. ... Sell the newspaper. Build the party .... quote me .... be me .... seize the student lounge .... but not in Russia .... blah blah .... replace the State.... bluid statues.... blah blah.... same old piss in e new package .... blah blah ... etc. »

[signature :] Intellectuals from Hell

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