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    [The life cycle of the creation is endless]

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    The life cycle of the creation is endless] / Charles Brill. — [S.l.] : Akwesasne Notes, . — 1 affiche (impr. photoméc.), coul. (deux ) ; 57 × 45 cm.

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    [ texte ; photo sépia brun (vieille femme et enfant amérindiens sur un chemin) par Charles Brill ]

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    The life cycle of the creation is endless. We watch the seasons come and go, life into life forever. The child becomes parent who then becomes our respected elder. Life so sacred, it is good to be a part of all this.

    This poster is from a photograph by Charles Brill, which appeared in his book, Indian and free : a contemporary portrait of life on a Chippewa reservation published by the University of Minnesota Press, portraying the Red Lake Band of Chippewas in Northern Minnesota. The book itself is available from Akwesasne Notes for $9.75, hardcover — 142 pages, and 160 photographs. This is one of series of 25 posters from the centerfold of Akwesasne Notes. Reprints on colored poster paper are available.
    Order from : Akwesasne Notes, Mohawk Nation, via Rooseveltown, NY 13683 USA

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