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[June 11th : remember imprisoned anarchists, continue to fight against ecological devastation]

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[June 11th : remember imprisoned anarchists, continue to fight against ecological devastation]
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. — Montréal : Montréal contre-information = Montreal counter-information,
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june 11th : remember imprisoned anarchists, continue to fight against ecological devastation

throughout north america, state agencies and companies are pushing forward with massive infrastructure projects for the extraction and transport of oil. these processes are environmentally devastating – contaminating groundwater and leading inevitably to spills and rail disasters. but they are no less disastrous for humans : from indigenous communities whose water sources and ways of life have already been degraded by pipelines and spills, to those who gain precarious employment through these projects, subjected to the whims of the global market and the toxicity of the poisons they are paid to handle.

in the past decade, the state has imprisoned many rebels for attacking the regime of these projects of death. in the united states, marius mason is serving 22 years for acts of sabotage against logging equipment and gmo research and a lifetime of radical organizing, while eric mcdavid was sentenced to nearly 20 years for conspiracy after simply discussing taking action against infrastructure (he was released earlier this year after serving ten).

the threat of prison is meant to deter us from dreaming of a world in which no companies and governments conspire to profit from destruction and exploitation. but we, too, are capable of conspiring with one another, by organizing against, attacking and blocking the physical components of these projects. marius, eric, and many others have faced heavy repression for plotting such attacks. countless others have gotten away.

june 11th is a day to remember our anarchist comrades with lengthy prison sentences. let it also be a day to choose to act against a world which requires oil to fuel the machinery of our exploitation, and which requires prisons and police to keep us in line.

june11.org • appeldelest.org

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