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[Solidarity evening with the anarchist prisoners of the group Revolutionary Struggle]

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[Solidarity evening with the anarchist prisoners of the group Revolutionary Struggle]
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. — Montréal : la Belle époque,
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photo (“Aftermath of the Athens stock exchange bombing, Sept 2009”)

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In the days of April 2010, when the Greek government finally agreed to accept a loan from the International Monetary Fund to begin the take-over of the country into the hands of the international financiers, the security services had prepared a media spectacle to mark the occasion : the capture of 6 anarchist fighters for the purpose of the submission of the social struggle.

Anarchist fighters who had been a thorn in their side for some time, were now hostages. Hostages who had humiliated the demoralised and brutal Greek intelligence services, anti-terrorist divisions and their American occupier counterparts, the CIA, who had sought out the Revolutionary Struggle (‘Epanastatikos Agwnas’ – EA – in Greek language) for a Rocket Propelled Grenade attack against the US Embassy in Athens. This daring and symbolic action came amongst scores of other targeted attacks which struck for years with symbolically definitive high-impact blows against the institutions of capitalism and government, accompanied by dozens and dozens of pages of critical, thoughtful and articulate anarchist analysis of the institutional structures that parasite on the social wealth produced by labour, with social and economic self-organisation put forward as an anti-capitalist and anti-state egalitarian alternative. Revolutionary Struggle are Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa, Kostas Gournas and the fllen Lambros Foundas, who was killed in a battle with the police. Together they formed a group of social-libertarian anarchists based in the busy capital, Athens, who directed their armed activities in the class interests of the exploited workers of Greece and within/alongside the specific mass anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement from 2003-2010.

And now, they continue their fight in the court rooms and prisons of the Greek regime, where they push an even harder fight to the legitimacy of the capitalist enemy. The show-piece trial against the comrades began in October 2011 and is partnered by a campaign of repression against the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement in general and specifically to several anarchists who deny responsibility. What the Greek security services and their foreign colleagues wish to prevent through intimidation, surveillance and imprisonment is contagion. Contagion of tactics which made a mockery of their system and showed how easily it could be struck by anyone. Contagion of ideas which have now spread far beyond the world-wide anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement into the general masses of people who are angry with everything, wishing to see it all come down and something much more humane begin.

Freedom for the prisoners – honour to Lambros Foundas

[photo ;] Aftermath of the Athens stock exchange bombing, Sept 2009

Solidarity evening with the anarchist prisoners of the group Revolutionary Struggle and those accused in the same case.

Info-session // dinner // letter writing
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7 PM ,Wednesday March 28 th
La Belle Époque
Anarchist social space
1984 rue Wellington, metro Charlevoix
whisper-translation to french available

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