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[100 years of Sailors Union of the Pacific]

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[100 years of Sailors Union of the Pacific]
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. — San Francisco : Sailors’ Union of the Pacific (SUP),
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[ texte (en défonce) ; citation d’Andrew Furuseth ; dessin (marins, outils, documents du Sailor Union of the Pacific) ; logo (Brotherhood of the sea SUP) ]

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[logo] Brotherhood of the sea SUP

100 years

Sailors Union of the Pacific

“You can put in jail, but you cannot give me narrower quarters than as a seaman I have always had. You cannot give me coarser food than I have always eaten. You cannot make me lonelier than I have always been.”
Andrew Furuseth

Maguire Act, 1895
. . . abolished the desertion law (imprisonment for leaving a ship) in the coastwide trade and outlawed the crimp’s right to obtain an allotment from the Captain

White Act, 1898
. . abolished the desertion law for seamen in offshore ships in US ports. Also, abolished the beating of seamen by officers and mates, and gave seamen the right to draw up to half their wages in any landing or discharging port.

Seamen’s Act, 1915
. . . extended complete freedom from the desertion law to US ships in foreign ports and to foreign vessels in American ports. Also, provided increased foc’sle space, better food, safety provisions, efficiency rating for able-bodied seamen, and that 65% of the crew must be able seamen.

“Steady as the goes”

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