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[Solidarity with resistance in Calais]

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[Solidarity with resistance in Calais]
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. — Marseille : [s.n.],
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[ texte ; photo (automobile d’une administration territoriale au toit taguée « Calais ») ]

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Solidarity with resistance in Calais

Following the recent evictions in Calais, a week of action in solidarity with the resistance of the "jungle" took place in Marseille. The various actions contained in this summary were anonymously contributed by numerous individuals and groups. All the targets chosen collaborate in the repression, subjugation and deportation of migrant and/or paperless people in Calais and elsewhere. Below is a list of notes from the actions that occured :

* 500 stickers in English and French distributed throughout the city.
* Front National posters destroyed, pro migration slogans spray painted, Orange Telecom vehicle sabotaged, 3 postboxes of La Poste spraypainted, BNP Paribas cash point and security camera sabotaged, La Poste building spraypainted.
* 200 posters pasted around Noailles, Belle de Mai and National.
* Banner drop reading “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – no-one is illegal” and slogans spraypainted.
* Red Cross building smashed with rocks and locks sabotaged.
* Two LCL cash machines put out of service, one metropole car sabotaged and “Calais” painted on roof.
* Graffiti against six Groupe SOS buildings and two post offices.
* Graffiti and paint bombs against 3 Red Cross buildings (a charity shop and the headquarters).
* Photo with friends behind a banner reading “Destroy all Borders- Solidarity with the eviction resistance in Calais” in French, Arabic, and English, as a small gesture to those struggling in Calais.

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Affiche en français et affiche en anglais vers mars 2016 :
https://mars-infos.org/des-nouvelles-affiches-en-835 (Marseille infos autonomes : site collaboratif d’infos et de luttes à Marseille)

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