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[A spectre is haunting us]

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[A spectre is haunting us]
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[ texte (détention de Costantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerini et Luca Bernasconi (Billy), trois anarchistes arrêtées le 15 avril 2010 et soupçonnées d’avoir voulu commettre une action de sabotage contre un centre de recherche sur les nanotechnologies de la multinationale IBM en construction près de Zurich) ; photo (personnes fuyant devant une usine en feu) ]

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A spectre is haunting us

Time and time again we read about people who attack buildings, cars or the infrastructure of certain institutions in different ways. In the chorus of the media, loyal to the state, they are often considered as „vandals" or „chaots" and if that is not sufficient, then the construct of the terrorist serves to suffocate in advance any possible reasoning behind. That is exactly what happened to the 3 anarchists, who were arrested on 15th of April in Langnau am Albis (Switzerland). Allegedly on the way to attack a research center of IBM. A place among many at which, far from our everyday lives, the deepening of control on the life on this planet is researched at : genetic engineering, surveillance, nanotechnologies…

Why should this be blown up ?

We have been drowned in an technological ’high gloss-nightmare’, in which dead matter weighs more than our lives. The new god that is ruling over everything is the economy. „Economy has to be well" goes the saying, „so that we can feel well also." But behind this basic attitude, that any type of progress would be anyway good, veils the fact, that only few are profiting from that progress. Those who let themselves be exploited day after day, will have noticed by now, that despite all the incredible ongoing research, we are not working less, but simply more efficient. And we are not living more qualitative, but we consume more. With each novelty we are promised a better and simpler life, whereas the following disappointment is compensated by the promising of even more novelties. We crave for fata morganas like someone dying of thirst in a desert.

What is developed in the mentioned IBM center is advancing a level deeper. Because genetically manipulated organisms and nanoparticles, as well as radioactivity of nuclear waste, are incraving themselves irrevocably into this world which we inhabit. It doesn’t need much understanding to see that also these efforts are serving purely
the logic of progress of capitalism. Since the whole planet is under its domination, capitalism is now trying to deepen it - and that to the last detail.

Since centuries industrial technology is the essential factor for the reformation of society, and therefore of the economy and the state. Again and again it is supposed to bring alleged solutions for social problems. Social problems that it helped creating. By now it managed to make itself indispensable. Without technology the immense accumulation of commodities and the therefore necessary generalized submission and control of the working mass would be impossible. It didn’t just make the people more alienated towards the world, but also towards themselves. The social order in which we live, functions only by the more and more absurd specialization of our occupations, the more and more extensive control over all living beings, the more and more efficient exploitation of our work capacity and a generalized impoverishment of human relations.

The apparently untouchable justification for that is purely the maintenance of the prevailing. The question for the living conditions is not raised. After all it could persuade us to the realization, that it is not us as individuals who are reason for our sorrow, but the social order and that there has to disappear quite a lot, in order for us to finally breathe freely. We think that social existence doesn’t gain value by technological progress, but by common ethical and social considerations. The development which we strive for, goes towards a life, that lies with us to decide about, without to serve and without to rule. And this development starts with the revolt against everything, which keeps us from doing so.

Therefore we recognize us in the three anarchists, who are now spread out in Swiss prisons. We feel solidarity for each attempt to cast off the shackles in order to stand up against the ongoing annihilation of life and the (self-)enslavement of the human kind. And one of the first shackles that we therefore cast off, is the one of our heads, which makes us believe, that we anyway cannot do anything and which keeps us trapped in lethargy.

Therefore for everyone who - for what reason whatsoever - is fed up with all the social constraints and control, fed up with all the lifeless products and senseless works, the hate that is sown, in order to fight among us, instead of together against the misery. To all those whos hearts is beting faster, when people attack what they think is the origin of their discontent : come out and make visible through the diversity of your forms o sabotage, that something completely different is possible.

Freedom for the three anarchists Billy, Silvia und Constantino !

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Aff3697 - 311023 (cira L)

[ca  2010]
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